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When I first started, "Chapter Five", I didn't have any plans. I was at a strange and difficult point in my life weighed down with a lot of questions and not many answers.


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As I was surfing the internet (as I often do), I noticed that people are constantly asking for advice about blogging. One question stood out in particular and made me think about what my direction is as a blogger/aspiring writer, "Is it normal for someone to have multiple blogs?". 

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The biggest problem that I have run into this past week with my writing and presence on social media and the internet is finding that sweet spot where I can truly say what is on my mind without upsetting the masses. I know ultimately, this is a losing endeavor, however, what I don't purposely intend to do is say something to upset people.

Four Months In…

I honestly find it hard to believe that it has already been four months since I started blogging. It feels just like yesterday I was writing about the two-month benchmark. When I first started, I had no clue what I was trying to do or what I wanted to accomplish with blogging and writing. Now, my vision is starting to become clearer. 

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For the first time, I experienced hitting a wall with writing. On the weekends, I usually catch up on my e-mail and social media platforms. This requires me to peruse through a number of newsletters, weekly blog updates, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, and of course spam.

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to." - Richard Branson