This March will mark my one-year anniversary as a blogger and writer. I don’t currently have anything special planned but, maybe I’ll think of something worthwhile to publish.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve removed the Holiday Season frost and I’m starting to hit my stride of thinking, reading, creating, writing, and publishing new content again.

I was looking over some notes I’ve written down and I thought it would be important for me to establish what I wanted to accomplish this year with each project I’m working on.

With, “Chapter Five”, the only logical answer I could come up with is to become more open, prove I’m human and go deeper into stories about who I am rather than what I am.

When I first started, “Chapter Five”, I didn’t have any plans. I was at a strange and difficult point in my life weighed down with a lot of questions and not many answers.


I turned to one of the few things I have always had a love for, writing.

I thought I would start an online journal and see if anyone would connect with my screaming into a virtual canyon, through blogging. Some people did, understandably, most did not.

I honestly hoped someone would read what I was writing and immediately contact me and whisk me away to some imaginary place where all my wants and needs were taken care of, like some kind of hippie commune for millennials, regardless of how ridiculous this sounded.

What I have connected with, though, is how serious I am about writing.

I’ve never been one to chase fame or fortune. When I was younger, I wanted to be a musician. Everyone else thought about me being a world-class musician touring with some household name rock band or something similar. I wanted to travel the United States and make a livable wage playing at small-town bars and clubs doing what I loved.




My process hasn’t changed with writing. It’s still me creating something I enjoy and hoping enough people connect with it in such a way they feel comfortable supporting it.

It’s the thing I haven’t had a lot of success of earning in my life.

Almost one year ago, I finally decided to stop waiting for someone else to tell me I’m good enough of a person or worker or creator to earn enough money to pay my way without any other financial assistance.

For 15-years I had been constantly fighting to achieve this while everyone else was pushing me away from it. I grew frustrated, angry, and then just tired. I’ll admit, I had given up.

I gave up on “being normal” or working a “real” job in trade for something I really wanted.

A place to call my own. A place created by myself where I didn’t have to deal with all the abject negativity I was facing every day.

After almost one full year of pursuing this goal, I can honestly say I’m glad I made this decision.

I haven’t made one cent from any of it but, I’m working on changing this.

I’m looking back while moving forward.