It’s official, 2017 is over.


The New Year has already begun and I have no resolutions. I don’t remember ever making a New Year’s resolution. If I have, I did so because I was “forced” to.

I do, however, have goals.

I’m quickly approaching my 1-year Blogging Anniversary and I’m proud I’ve accomplished something I’ve always wanted to do, which, was to establish how serious I am about being a blogger/writer.

It’s not about fortune or fame, it’s also not about the number of followers and likes, well, not always. It has always been about doing something I enjoy, for myself, in hopes I can turn it into a career. A path I can continue to travel down for the remainder of my life and not have to give up on like I have with so many other things.

The whole process of waking up and writing down what I’m thinking or telling a new story has been incredibly cathartic and helpful to me. Even if all the analytics were proof no one was listening.

I want to thank everyone for supporting me and my work in 2017. I hope to build upon what I’ve already created and continue to share my work with even more people in 2018.


To kick off the New Year, I’m going to give a full update on all of my projects and also list some very helpful things I’ve found throughout my first year of writing.

I really enjoy music and I have a decent CD collection, yes, I am THAT guy. It’s really exhausting and frustrating to go through the hassle of ripping CDs into a computer and then fixing all the incorrect information any algorithm seems to automatically put in the information fields.

I swear I’ve actually had this conversation out loud with a computer once, “No, this CD is NOT the special edition of ‘White Pony’. Yes, it DOES have one less track. OH, MY GOD! NO! They are NOT the same CD you “nu-metal” pleb!”, isn’t technology just filled with wonder!?!

If you’re like me and don’t like always having your entire music collection ripped into your computer’s hard drive and you’re looking for a 100% free internet radio service, try out


They specialize in music for your work-place. They have all kinds of different genres to choose from and if you sign up for an account, you can create custom channels for every mood or situation. Only an e-mail address is required. Be forewarned, it is heavy with on-site advertisements.

@nti-social“, is still doing well. After, “Chapter Five”, I would consider this to be my flagship project. At this point in time, I’m still waiting for the advertisements to come in but, the project is associated. Hopefully, I’ll have this issue resolved before the end of the month.


Due to the holiday season, I haven’t worked on, “Be Happy” in a while. I look forward to creating new posts during 2018.


Discord is officially my new Skype, in fact, it should be everyone’s new Skype by now. The developers have added video calling, which, was the last excuse anyone had to be using Skype. Feel free to send me a friend request if you want to chat;

  • deathcon5ive#3190


My Facebook page has been doing well. I don’t participate in reciprocal advertising, so I expect the page to grow much slower than other pages, which, is fine. I knew I was starting from the bottom with no money and this is part of the whole experience.

I constantly see people asking for advice on editing, grammar, and overall composition. I use the free version of Grammarly. I enjoy the free version so much, I can not wait to see how much my writing improves with a premium version. I highly recommend this application.


I’m still in the process of moving, “The Leftovers“. I had no idea it would take this long. I am a bit of a perfectionist, for better or worse. I’m sure there will be more than enough to talk about with current events and politics in 2018 and I’m really excited to see how far the project goes.


I’m still working on, “The Haunting Grounds” and “Playing Make-Believe“. I have a ton of outlines sorted out and hopefully once I can get past the whole scattered brainstorming constantly going on, I can actually put out new content and get these stories really going. The most difficult thing for me has been figuring out a schedule for all the writing projects I have going on and with other projects having more “success”, my fictional writing ends up taking a back seat.

I’m also hoping my writing schedule becomes more streamlined in 2018, which, would definitely help with releasing content.

I created and achieved a mini-goal for the holiday season on Twitter. I wanted to see if I could earn enough organic impressions to surpass the population of the city I live in. Within a 28-day period, I earned over 14 thousand impressions. I hope to continue tweeting and increase my overall base this year.

Overall, I’m looking to keep myself very busy with writing this year. I really hope I start to legitimize the visualized path I’m traveling down.


I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Day and will continue to pursue and accomplish your own goals, or resolutions, in 2018.


2 thoughts on “Forget Resolutions, Let’s Talk About Goals

  1. I use the free version of Grammarly, too, but I have no idea what the paid version entails, and as far as I can tell there’s no way to know exactly what extra stuff the paid version does without, well, buying it upfront.

    If you do end up using the paid version, it would be interesting to know what the difference is between free and paid.

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    1. Here is the address of Grammarly’s premium plans; The free version has a small yellow notifier with a number inside of it indicating how many grammatical errors you have made. However, the free version doesn’t include the premium grammar check so it won’t show you where the errors are or how to correct them. The premium version comes with the detailed grammar check as well as a plagiarism detector and even more.


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