For the first time, I experienced hitting a wall with writing. On the weekends, I usually catch up on my e-mail and social media platforms. This requires me to peruse through a number of newsletters, weekly blog updates, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, and of course spam.




It is a tedious process but, it also energizes me and gives me fuel for writing. I love learning new things and as they say, knowledge is power. After collecting all the information I can from this process, I will usually have a blog post or two for the beginning of the week. That didn’t happen.

The difference with this past group of weekends I can only surmise as being the number of newsworthy events that occurred. Between the Congressional Baseball shooting, President Trump being investigated for obstruction of justice, Father’s Day, having a game night with friends, reconfiguring my iPad, and many other events, it was a lot to take in. I felt like I went into a coma-like state from cranial overflow.




I’ve already posted my thoughts about the congressional shooting. If you’re interested in hearing them head over to, “@ntisocial“.

President Trump gets enough coverage as is, however, I’m sure I’ll have something to say and when I do, it will more than likely end up on, “The Leftovers“.

Outside the realm of political news, I had a great game night with friends. I got to play, “Cards Against Humanity”, for the first time. It was about as awkward as I had expected, which is pretty much the premise of the game. They really should just call it, “You and Your Socially Awkward Friends”. It is filled with my kind of humor, though. I’ll admit I have a dark, weird, and socially unacceptable sense of humor. I’ll stretch a joke as long as it keeps getting laughs if you catch me on a “good” day.

I also reconfigured my iPad to my liking. It was a tiresome process but, it looks much better. During that time, I also set up a Podcast playlist as well. I had some great entertainment while cleaning out e-mails. I recommend, “Malcolm Gladwell’s, Revisionist History” and “The Nerdist” podcasts. They both had great episodes this past week.



Of course, then there was Father’s Day. Our family celebrated it a week early due to a conflicting work schedule. Such is the life of a coal mining family, we’ve gotten used to it at this point.

We had Dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and had a pretty normal weekend, minus the grill catching fire…

I hope everyone enjoyed their own Father’s Day weekend half as much as I did. With this update, I hope I will now have whatever was blocking my writing process out of the way and I’ll be back to creating content as usual.


The word Create on a cork board